This was an unfinished poem i wrote for the first bomb blast at Nyanya.

The second 0ne, having gone off late evening May 1st, 2014, was a terrible reminder…and even before this, i already did title the write-up Mayday..



These are not the times I write

Not that the time is right
But these times are Night
Night in the Morning Sun
Frightened. Mothers Mourning Sons.
“Mummy Don’t Let Me Die”
Fathers farther from returning from
A day that had not even started
Than a bright sky that façaded a cloudy storm
“Sunny, See Yhu Soon, Bye”

How Soon?

Pain Is Buried Deep Within
Her needled touch injects the grime of Reality & Loss
Sticking it all the way in till Brokeness becomes skin
On the brink of death, evil’s arctic eyes stares at us
As ruby tears tint our vision of a blue moon
Grey clouds wrenched
To drench us with a Violet of Violence
Now Fear Has Us


Imperfectly weakened I find my soul after
I sought to scour the score of the scores of souls slaughtered
For apparently seeking some kind of role or power
Or Religion
Or the Demise of Love
Or a fulfillment of Word uttered
Either way,
Man’s heart stays steady watered by thoughts doused in the Devil’s gutter


Still Calling

Life flowing crimson rivers of an unheard outcry
For help
Rooted in Black Thought
But we still strive
For Self

Worked like a robot today
But inside be empty as tin cans
But what kept echoing is “WE Can!”
When forlorn fiends feed fat on fortunes of oil & blood
Forgone with the fact we’re tuned for turmoil & discord


Hope as rags dashed with ash & rust!
Foolery reigns inward. Seeds sown in lust!
In God we trust but we look up and not in Us!
We took Love and cross and ran to dust!



…even as I end this…another bomb goes off

Same spot. Humans have made thunder strike twice.

Sheets of sorrow soak in sinister  shock. Tears become gall. Tough.


…And my Chibok sisters…


… .. …………



At the edge
Seconds to a fall to silence
So peaceful
Such tranquil
Complete silence

The Passage

At the other side
But it’s so lonely here
It’s dark. Pointless. Someone lied.
I could have been the salt and the light
The child. Innocent. Someone’s bride.

I’m now desertesque. Dry. Struggling. Unkind.
Foreign feet fix footprints of flourish
I know nothing of this moistness I suddenly find
I let it touch and leave as fast as it came. Vanished.

What is life. Not a question. But a speech of pain
I’m willing to give it all up. Now. Right now
One-way ticket to Road-End. Baggage heavy. My aim.
Face with a tight frown.

I thought it was all dark.
Black clouds fold. From blankets to carpets
To invite a a bit of rain.

A bit? I would have answered
But for the drop that touched my parched tip.
Hmmm. Delicate. So poetic in its way.
Oh what’s the use? My system is already shattered
It touches again.
It restfully streams in as dew would.
I’m drenched. Deep.

OH, the flow! Glorious. It heals. My stems and systems
Aqua alive. Living liquid. Waters of wellness. I’m in awe.
Oh it speaks!!! LIFE! Never felt this full of hope & faith.
Reaching my roots. Restored. Revived. Released.
I am green again. I am fruitful.
I am led. I am all this water says I am.

I am now!!! Planted by rivers called Life Abundant.
Flourishing bountifully, never to die again.
Thank You, For Saving Me, Father.
I Am Yours.

“..Though its roots have grown old in the earth
and its stump decays, at the scent of water it will bud and sprout again like a new seedling.” – Job 14:9

“Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning – Psalms 30:5b

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all.” – Psalms 34:19

“…And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” – Romans 8:28

You are shaken but not broken.
You are oppressed but not helpless.
You are safe and embraced.
You are saved and engraced.

Bless up!