Is it confusing?
Is it startling?
When you feel you’re all drawn in..
Into Life has brought you..and she’s just starting..

And it’s dark…even too dark to grope
And you can’t see the fine silk your tears have crystallized into
Streams of a broken heart…of a spoken act so silent but true
Your darkest dawns drink from them to power the Light of All Hope

Horizons bridged. As both receive a central illumination. In lights. And enlightened.
And it reveals the glory that it was made to. Your battles has become beauty before yhu.
Woven in the Wars you Withstand. The Plan. Finished. Manifested. Amazing. Exciting!
Focus In The Locus. Jesus At The Centre. The Power Of The Almighty. Overwhelmed. Ever New.


….lol…apparently this is the very first post in 2 years…#dontjudgeme…x_x
#bless #firstpost